TyLoo, you made Asia proud at DreamHack Masters Malmö


TyLoo, the Asian squad which made a long way to get into DreamHack Masters Malmö has been proudly eliminated from the tournament after losing 2-0 against Na`Vi in a best-of-3 quarter finals.

After knocking out the MLG Columbus and NA-hope, Luminosity out of the tournament, TyLoo were grabbing some eyeballs and gathering a strong fan-base in Malmö.

Lots of Counter Strike fanatics who follow the professional scene from a long period, know about TyLoo and their organization. CaptainMo the pro-TyLoo chief, who’s leading the Chinese roster from Counter Strike: 1.6 era, made it very clear in today’s match, even with lack of experience at major events, they managed to put Na`Vi under fear of clouds by their impressive gameplay.

TyLoo CSGO roster


Ke ‘Mo’ Liu
HaoWen ‘somebody’ Xu
YuanZhang ‘AttackeR’ Sheng
Hui ‘DD’ Wu
YuLun ‘fancy1’ Cai

The tough battle

Win against Luminosity at the group stages

The best-of-3 quarter finals starting with inferno gave TyLoo a very tedious start whereas, Na`Vi leading the charts in the first half, soon after getting things back on track and filling the missing X factor, they managed to bring the map fight neck-to-neck at a point of time. Unfortunate as it seems, Na`Vi showcased their experience managed to beat TyLoo on the first map with a scoreline ahead of not short than 6 odd rounds among which GuardiaN proved his best of recovery from his wrist injury by taking clutches rounds in favor of the Ukrainian side.

The second map, mirage, started with the dejected back-logs of the previous map, where Na’vi showed no sympathy towards their pristine opponents and thrashed them brutally with the scoreline headed towards 13-2 in the first half of the map. The final half started with TyLoo losing the first round but somnehow were able to convert the miserably lost-pistol round into a second anti-eco win. The CIS team won the final map with a strong score of 16-5 with a phenomenal ace by GuardiaN to send TyLoo back home.

What went wrong? Rather, what was right.


Nobody expected an Asian team to be there at such a stage where professional teams who frequently match-up between themselves were not able to qualify for play-offs but TyLoo went through. Not be to said tough, but the Chinese lineup was drawn in group A which had Luminosity, the recent Major champion alongside, mousesports and Team Liquid. The win against Luminosity was in itself an achievement to store in the drawer for the rest of their career.

Following the mega-win over Luminosity and a tough battle against one of the world’s top team, Na`Vi, TyLoo will have time for their homework, Valve will have their radar on for the next events and the other Asian teams will have an inspiration and journey to follow. TyLoo has created a space at the majors for Asian teams and it is time now to bring back the Asian-fear among the CS community world-wide by our performances at these major stages.