EnVyUs through to semis, eliminate dignitas from Dreamhack Malmö

EnVyUS have made their way to semi-finals of DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016, after beating dignitas 2-0 in a best-of-3 match up. Dignitas will go home disappointed but subsequently witnessed some top-class performances from Kjaerbye, RUBINO and MSL stepping in for their team.

With a match up similar to the first quarters between Na’Vi and TyLoo, this was also such matchup which started off with a great balanced battle and fell apart as match progressed. Started out with inferno where dignitas in no time took the standard 3-0 lead with pistols and eco rounds, just before EnVyUs took back the responsibility and were about to settle the scoreboard to 3-3 until the best play of the tournament (yet) from Kjaerbye came up, where he managed to pull-off a 1v5 ninja-defuse by killing the bomb protector and totally bluffing the other four players who were lurking to hunt him down on the other side of the map.

Thanks to dignitas and EnVyUs, we witnessed the best match of the tournament yet with massive plays and showcase of individual skillplay, diginitas pulled-off yet another insane full-eco round versus EnVyUs’s rifles. The match proved be one of the best matches of this season, MSL and RUBINO taking on the responsibility to acquire the impossible rounds. The half ended up 10/5 in favor of dignitas. But only to start once again with EnVyUs storm where they managed to clinch subsequent 5 rounds in a row to settle the scores at 10-10, from there the game completely favored the french lineup and they ended up beating Dignitas 16/12 even after an amazing 1vs3 clutch pulled off by Kjaerbye.

The second map, mirage, chosen by dignitas started well off for EnVyUs where they stormed the lead by 7-0 forcing dignitas to make mistakes repeatedly. EnVyUs claimed yet another 8 round lead soon after RUBINO assisted a round with his tripple kill-skill. Next half of the map started on a possitive note with dignitas clinching the pistol round only to lose the next anti-eco. EnVyUs didn’t stop looking for some treasures and they landed their scoreboard tickling at map-and-match point. dignitas, however, didn’t lose hope as they managed to take win 6 rounds followed by an ace by RUBINO and a very important clutch by MSL with 5 hp remaning. The map ended in favor of EnVyUs 16/8 and they qualified for the semi-finals happening tomorrow at the DreamHack Masters.