Pronax lead GODSENT quashes mousesports at DreamHack Malmö

GODSENT defeated mousesports 2-1 in the third quarter-final of the day and managed to advance to the semis (7-16 on Cache, 16-10 on Inferno, 16-13 on Mirage) at DreamHack Masters Malmö, they will play the winners of the fourth quarter-final, NiP vs Virtus.Pro.

DreamHack Masters Malmö proceeded with mousesports tackling GODSENT.

Mousesports began on the CT-side of Cache and had a decent begin as they won the gun round. The primary weapon round additionally went mousesports’ direction and the disorder followed in the 6th one as GODSENT took the A-site however the bomb grower smoldered in view of a molotov which gave mouz their 6th round (6-0).

GODSENT secured their first round on the A-site and Simon “turn” Eliasson got a quad-slaughter in the accompanying round to make it 6-2. Chris “chrisJ” de Jong’s sneak play brought about a round triumph for the German group however GODSENT took the last two rounds of the half (8-7). Nikola “NiKo” Kovač had a quad-execute with his Deagle in the gun round to help his group get their ninth round and the German group went ahead to secure the principal weapon round too. Timo “Spiidi” Richter grabbed the section execute and the triple to accomplish the 21st round as GODSENT trailed 7-14. mousesports won the guide without dropping a solitary round on their T-half and the last score was 16-7.


Inferno, which was picked by GODSENT, commenced with mousesports’ gun round triumph on the T-side as Johannes “nex” Maget got a triple-execute. In the wake of winning the counter eco rounds mousesports extended their lead to 4-0 in the wake of gaining the primary weapon round with “denis” Howell’s twofold section. It at long last worked out for the Swedes in the fifth round despite the fact that they just had a MAG-7 and a M4A1-S (4-1). The CT-sided GODSENT hurried from all sides to get their third cycle (3-5). The seven round dash of GODSENT finished a round before the halftime as they drove 8-6. Howell got two passage slaughters and a quad-murder in the last round of the half and mousesports figured out how to complete the half with seven rounds.

Jonas “Lekr0” Olofsson appeared with two passage slaughters of his own and GODSENT secured the gun cycle (9-7). The fourth round was won by the German group and they secured one more before losing a hostile to eco (12-9). Eliasson’s 1v2 practically finalized the negotiations as GODSENT were in front with a 14-9 score. The Swedes won the guide 16-10.

The last map was Mirage and the CT-sided mousesports got yet another gun round in the arrangement. The German group lost the third round to their rival’s Deagles however won the fourth one. GODSENT applied their T-side predominance after this point and were driving 7-4 yet they disintegrated in two or three after plant circumstances incorporating a 4v2 in the thirteenth round. The Swedish group drove 8-7 at halftime. Unsuprisingly, the pattern lived on and Kovač’s group won the gun and the resulting two rounds, driving 10-8. A brisk A-site execute by mouz secured the another round for the German group however GODSENT replied with three rounds of their own to take tie it at 11-11. Richter and Kovač grasped a 2v4 to take back the lead. GODSENT won the match 16-13 and the arrangement 2-1 as Mathias “pauf” Köhler grasped a 1v2 in the last round.