Twitch streamer Maverikz quits game after finding out his teammate streams on Mixer

Twitch has been at the apex of the streaming platforms ever since its launch. The platform gathers a massive user base due to its unique set of features that made life better for streamers and the viewers. Twitch was unharmed in its position as the top streaming platform but lately, Microsoft’s Mixer is giving them a run for their money.

Ever since Ninja left Twitch for Mixer, a wrangle generated in the community about which one of the two platforms has an edge over the other. While the debate is still in full swing some community members are taking extreme measures.

Maverikz a well known Fortnite streamer got into a match with a random player and greeted him with a “Hello” before asking if he streams on Mixer. Upon confirming his partner’s streaming platform, he left the game. His partner quickly realized the reason behind such an act and labelled it as “Huge doucher move!”

Maverikz, upon leaving the game realized his mistake and asked for it be clipped so that he can make amends with the person he ditched in an eccentric manner.