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Twitch streamer loses all followers overnight

Everything fell apart for Nathan when he found his Twitch followers disappear overnight. Before the fiasco, the Minecraft streamer boasted over 21000 followers, and two years of his hardwork went in vain.

The 16 year old did not share what exactly caused this debacle, however the community swiftly got behind to support him. Nathan claims that he grinded for over two years to reach where he was before losing his followers, and all of it disappearing overnight puts a massive dent on his mental health.

The follower loss left him heartbroken but the community response was overwhelming as they helped to remedy the situation to some extent.


“I’ve lost everything,” “My Twitch lost all of its followers. Every single person who has followed me the last 26 months are gone. I’m just at a loss for words.” he said upon losing his followers. Not just the Minecraft community, rather entire twitch userbase got behind him to help take his channel back to where it was. Nathan regained 16,000 followers, thanks to the community raiding his channel.

The support he is getting is something unprecedented, having gained 10,000 followers in just 2 hours is something unheard of. There is no clear explanation as to why this happened so Twitch are likely to take a closer look at the situation given the attention it is getting.

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