How many rounds are there in Valorant?

Is Valorant On Xbox?

Commitment is the key factor when it comes to playing ranked along with your friends or if queued solo. It’s always a nightmare for a team when they are forced to play 4v5, be it an unrated or a ranked match.

Unlike other first person shooters, Valorant features a total of 25 rounds in both of the modes, Unrated and Ranked as well. The side first to 13 rounds wins the match.  Every game typically lasts between 30-75 minutes depending upon the factors which involve the match-ups and the number of rounds a team concedes Versus the rounds won by them.

The total playtime too depends on an Overtime factor. Unrated matches do have just one Overtime round (Sudden death format) whereas in the ranked mode, players can engage in an endless number of rounds.

After the first Overtime, both sides are made to  vote, whether they would wish to continue the game or end it as a Tie.

Prior to the start of every round, Riot has added a 30 second preparation phase allowing the players to plan out their strategies and getting the desired weapons. Players are also able to surrender the match with the /surrender command if someone quits or abandons the match.  

Valorant, Riot’s brand new first person tactical shooter has been one among the famous FPS titles present out there. Since its release, we have witnessed a plethora of players from the community and Counter Strike’s pro scene as well transition to Valorant.

Players from the CS:GO scene won’t  find this unusual to commit nearly an hour for a specific game as back there, the games might last for even upto 90 minutes.