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Valorant Exploit Allows Omen to Noclip Through Walls

It has only been a few days since the Valorant Episode 2 has hit the live servers, and players are already reporting a bunch of game-breaking bugs including this Omen bug in the competitive shooter.

A bug that has been recently brought to light through a Reddit post by u/Flamerzx has garnered the attention of thousands of Valorant fans and can potentially cause a temporary removal of Omen from the servers till Riot manages to find a fix for it.

The bug involves Omen using his Shadow Walk after his signature Dark Cover to gain temporary invulnerability and the ability to move through walls. The mechanics of Omen’s movement after the exploit is executed is similar to the game’s ‘ghost mode’ or noclip.

It’s unclear how consistently can this exploit be recreated. Regardless, fans are hoping for Riot to ship a patch to fix this game-breaking bug at the earliest to prevent abusers from gaining MMR using it.

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