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Top 5 BGMI players in India right now

BGMI was a trending game in India before it was banned and the competition was only flourishing with time. Despite the game being banned in India, the players have made international appearances for a couple of times. Here are our top five picks on the best BGMI players in India right now.

Top 5 BGMI Players in India

1. Goblin

soul goblin

Goblin is the first on this list and he does not need an introduction for the fan base. Goblin is currently the star player in Team Soul roster and has an incredible fire power that is at par with most BGMI pros in India.

He is still a budding player who lacks experience when it comes to LAN tournaments and many other things but his simple mechanical prowess makes it up for other shortcomings. Goblin is often seen going into battles without second thoughts and while the condition works in his favour some times, it may go wrong at any moment as well.

2. Sc0ut

Sc0ut from Team XSpark is known to be an international player that has put India’s name on the global roadmap. He recently proved his worth yet again as he had a chance to play for India at PMWI Afterparty event.

He was playing from Team 7Seas and even though they were unable to keep up with the competition, Sc0ut had his shining moment as he secured a chicken dinner at the international stage yet again.

3. Omega

Omega is the leader of Team Soul who manages to bring out the best from his team in every tournament they play. He is one of the oldest players in India and started his journey from Team 8Bit to run a full circle before coming back to S8UL.

He was recently commended at PMWI as his decision making was impeccable as Team Soul was seen in the center of zones almost every map. They were unable to win because of their lack in fighting power but apart from that, Omega and his calls really made it easy for the team to win and hence, he is currently one of the best in India.

4. Jonathan

Jonathan can never be missed when one talks about the best BGMI players in India or even around the world. Jonathan is a player that was termed as hacker in his early days. He was so good at the game even before players were able to comprehend that such mechanical mastery can exist in a mobile game.

Jonathan has been in a slump period for quite some time now but his engagement in the game has not decreased even a little bit.

5. Shadow

Shadow is currently the IGL for Team GodLike and was an interesting addition to the team. He was able to bring out the best out of this team and making them competitive again after going downhill for quite some time.

Shadow has been making a name for himself as the new leader of GodLike but since the game is banned for quite some time now, these players are unable to make any impact or play in major tournaments.


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