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TI9 Day 5 Main Event Recap

The main event of The International 2019 is underway at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai, China from August 20th-25th 2019.

The 4th day of the main event saw us part ways with Royal Never Give up, Infamous and Evil Geniuses.

Today’s schedule involved 2 lower bracket games and the upper bracket final.

Team Secret vs Vici Gaming

The first series of the day saw Team Secret take on Vici Gaming, who were pushed to the lower bracket after their loss against PSG.LGD. Seemed like Team Secret, did a lot of homework on Vici Gaming’s playstyle and absolutely crushed them. Two quick games against the Chinese favourites Vici Gaming. With a soul-crushing performance, Team Secret 2-0 Vici Gaming and knock them out of the tournament.

Game 1

Team Secret copied the concept of IO carry from Team OG and put it to use against the Chinese giants Vici Gaming. Early Aghanim Sceptre and level 15 talent deals insane amount of damage to the heroes. Vici gaming had a draft which would be stronger in the late game, but Team Secret’s constant pressure never allowed Vici Gaming’s draft to reach that point. Team Secret ended the game within 24 minutes. Team Secret take the lead in this series 1-0 over Vici Gaming. Here are some clips from Game 1.

Game 2

With an early game draft and a safelaneBristleback, Team Secret managed to clean sweep Vici Gaming out of the tournament. Puppy read the game very well. Vici Gaming again had a lacklustre draft. Even though they had an alchemist, who farms really fast, Team Secret never allowed him to farm, Vici Gaming draft was unable to make space for the Alchemist to come online. Vici Gaming were unable to defend their throne from Team Secret’s constant barrages. Another quick game from Team Secret lasting 22 minutes. Here are some clips from Game 2.

With this loss, Vici Gaming have been eliminated from Ti9 in the 5th-6th place.

Team Secret proceed to the next round of the lower bracket to face Team Liquid for a spot in the top 3, having already secured a top 4 finish.


The second game of the day involved OG and PSG.LGD, The International 8 grand finalists.There was an air of revenge around the match up , with PSG.LGD players mentioning in many interviews that they have been waiting a year for this match.

Game 1

OG had a very experimental draft, when compared to LGD’s draft which looked complete and solid. But knowing OG and their playstyle, they can make anything work, and they almost did.

The game was pretty even, but then a few mistakes and untimely deaths on Ana’s faceless void allowed PSG.LGD to grasp victory in game 1 of the series.

Game 2

Beaten in game 1, OG took no chances with the draft in game 2. OG grabbed the alchemist and had the other 4 heroes to support him. The Chen provided sustain, while dark seer and tiny ensured that the OG draft would maintain a high tempo. Ana got a 10-minute radiance on the alchemist which meant that it was time to go. After that, OG never let the pedal off the gas and ran over PSG.LGD in just under 24 minutes. Safe to say that LGD were massively out drafted and had no way to deal with a farmed alchemist.

Ceb mocking the crowd after win in game 2:

Game 3

This time around PSG.LGD grab the tiny first, but OG still goes for the alchemist pick for ana and Chen pick for N0_tail, just like game 2. But this time PSG.LGD were prepared for the alchemist. Somnus on his tiny and chalice on his sand king constantly invaded the radiant side of the map to disrupt ana’s farm and kill him a few times in the early game. Despite this, Ana gets his radiance in the 14th minute, 4 minutes slower than game 2. As soon as the radiance is online, ana’s farm rate skyrockets. Although ame on his slark countered alchemist up to some extent, OG kept outplaying LGD. After multiple attempts at taking the high ground and multiple won fights, OG finally beat PSG.LGD to take the series 2-1 and proceed to the grand finale of TI9.

With this win, OG advance to the grand final of TI9 and await their opponent, whom they will paly tomorrow in a Best of 5 series.

This is the 2nd time in 2 years that OG have made the grand finals without going to the lower bracket.

With this loss, PSG.LGD are pushed to the lower bracket, and will play the winner of Secret vs Liquid tomorrow.

Team Liquid vs Team Secret

Last game of the day saw Team Liquid take on Team Secret. Both teams know each very well and hail from the EU region. Both teams were considered to be even, but Liquid had a surprise in store for us.

Game 1

Team Liquid last picked meepo for w33, which is one of his signature heroes. Nisha, on the other hand, was playing IO, a draft which only OG has been able to pull off successfully multiple times.

Team Liquid ran over team secret to take a 1-0 lead in the best of 3 series. Puppey got heavily out drafted this game.

Game 2

Game 2 was no different, puppey got heavily out drafted again , this time around it was the alchemist pick which proved to be the downfall of team secret. Their draft was not well equipped to deal with it. They tried hard but it was not enough. Team Liquid won the series 2-0 in a dominating fashion to advance to the top 3 and book a place in the lower bracket final against LGD tomorrow.

This win marks team liquid’s 9th consecutive victory in a row in the lower bracket.

Team Secret are eliminated from TI9 in the 4th position.

With puppey eliminated, the number of 2-time hopefuls reduces to 9.

Top 3 team of Ti9

This marks the end of today’s games.

A new hero was also teased by Valve today, VOID SPIRIT.

Full reveal Video:

Tomorrow’s schedule includes 1 best of 3 between Team Liquid and PSG.LGD, followed b the Grand Final of TI9.

The action resume at 7:30 am IST tomorrow.

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