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TI9 Day 4 Main Event Recap

The main event of The International 2019 is underway at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai, China from August 20th-25th 2019.

The 3rd day of the main event saw us part ways with Newbee and Mineski, while PSG.LGD and OG made it into top3.

Today’s schedule involved 3 lower bracket elimination games.

RNG vs Liquid

The first series of Day 4 involved an exciting matchup between home team Royal Never Give up and Ti7 winners Team liquid. Both teams have been in the lower bracket since round 1, so for them, every game was a do or die situation. The local favourites put up a fair fight against ti7 winners Team Liquid. Even though RNG put up a fair fight, the local Chinese Dota 2 community were not happy about it. Team Liquid knock out RNG with a 2-0 stomp.

Game 1 – With one of their best drafts, Team Liquid completely destroyed RNG in the first game. Miracle’s Gyro with over 800 gold per minute and with the support of GH destroyed RNG single-handedly. Let’s just say, Miracle 1v9.GH’s IO kept healing him and RNG was never able to win a fight due to such high sustain from the team liquid line-up. Here are some clips from Game 1 of the series.

Game 2 – Miracle again with an outstanding performance on Arc Warden, carried Team Liquid to victory against Royal Never Give Up. With, insane gold lead on the Arc Warden & the completely broken Tiny Aghanim Sceptre buff, Team Liquid managed to close this series out with a 2-0. Here are some clips from Game 2 of the series!

With this win, Team Liquid proceed to the next round of the lower bracket to face Evil Geniuses later today.

Although RNG tried hard they couldn’t stop the Liquid Juggernaut, exiting TI9 in the 7th-8th place.

Team Secret vs Infamous

The second series of the day saw Team Infamous take on Team Secret. Infamous squad, these guys already surpassed everyone’s expectations putting South American Dotes on the world map. Well, Team Secret had the upper hand in this match up with a lot of experience in the scene and superior draft. Puppy clearly out drafted them and with an explosive performance on MidOne’sEarthshaker mid, Team Secret was able to close this series out 2-0 over Infamous. Huge respect for the Infamous guys coming out of nowhere upsetting top teams in the world, it’s quite rare.

Game 1– Going into this series, mindset was pretty clear for both of them. Counter each other’s drafts. With the last pick advantage for Team Secret, it indeed worked wonders for Team Secret, pulling out Earthshaker mid countering the safe lane Phantom Lancer pick. Insane AOE fights and comebacks by Team Secret. Here are some clips!

Game 2 – Textbook draft by Puppy and good Black Hole’s by YapzOr’s enigma sealed the deal for Team Secret. Winning all three lanes enabled Team Secret to capitalize on this lead and end this series with a 2-0 sweep against Infamous.

With this win, Team Secret move on the next round of the Lower Bracket and will face Vici Gaming in a BO3 elimination game.

Meanwhile, Infamous have now been eliminated from TI9 in the 7th-8th place.

Infamous should be proud of themselves. Before the event, no one expected them to make it past the group stages. Not only did they prove everyone wrong, they got into the top8 as well, which is the highest placing for a SA Team at any International.

Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses

The last lower bracket series of the day saw Team Liquid, who beat RNG earlier today, take on Evil Geniuses, who were knocked down to the lower bracket by EG yesterday.

Game 1- Liquid kind of out drafted Evil Geniuses and executed their draft to perfection, hitting the correct item timings as well. Evil Geniuses could never get a footing in the game. Miracle on his Faceless Void was unstoppable and a treat to watch, with some miraculous chromospheres throughout the game.

Game 2-

Game 2 was an even bigger outplay by Team Liquid. W33’s Alchemist was never challenged, and when EG tried, they died. The alchemist got free farm throughout the game and could not be stopped. As if this was not enough, Miracle was playing his signature Ember Spirit as well, and EG could not cope with this Liquid draft at all and succumb to a 2-0 loss. This was a very anti-climatic end to the series, as everyone was hoping for/expecting a close series, but Team Liquid were in no mood to show any mercy.

With this win, Team Liquid proceed to the next round of the lower bracket, to face the winner of Secret vs Vici Gaming.

Meanwhile, Evil Geniuses depart from Ti9 in the 5th-6th place.

With Sumail and S4 eliminated, the number of 2-time hopefuls reduces.

Day 4 standings

After this game, the ALL-STAR Show match was held, which basically a fun-filled goof fest.

Another important announcement was also made today.

Valve revealed a new hero, Snapfire which will be released in fall 2019.

Schedule for tomorrow

The action resumes tomorrow at 7:30 AM IST.

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