The stories behind CSGO graffiti

Counter-Strike has lived along all ages of casual and competitive esports. The game has grown as the time progressed and alongside, several remarkable moments are immortalized within the game. Valve, the developers, have made sure these dynamic plays find a place at the heart of Counter-Strike.

Let us take a look at each of these graffiti-plays that have left their mark in the game.

The Buring Defuse

The first graffiti to acknowledge outstanding plays in CS:GO dates way back to ESL One: Cologne 2014. Fnatic was fighting against Team Dignitas (today’s core of Astralis) in the semi-finale and the scores were tied 14-14 on overpass. The bomb was planted on B-site in a 2vs4 post-plant scenario favouring the Swedes.

However, Nicolai “device” Reedtz threw a Molotov over the bomb, but, Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer began to defuse at the very same moment. Next second, he was defusing the bomb while the flames were revolting under his feet. Olof died, though, the bomb was defused just in time.

This helped Swedes secure overpass 16-14 in regulation and advance to the grand finale. Unfortunately, they lost to their local rivals, NiP, in the grand-finale and secured the runners-up position at the third major in the history of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Controversy: Olofpass or Overpass?

Not every great play is rewarded with a graffiti, some might get a warning sign as well. This is what happened at DreamHack Winter 2014 when Fnatic were matched against LDLC (then French firebrand). The Swedes already warned that they had ‘crazy stuff’ planned for overpass. But, no one expected this cheeky boost.

This incident takes us back to the quarter-final matchup when the scores were tied 1-1 and LDLC had a ten-round lead on the third map. Fnatic were able to see their opponents over at monster and washroom while being on CT spawn. On the other hand, LDLC were absolutely clueless.

As the map concluded and Fnatic won on overpass, tournament admins called out for a replay of the third map due to ‘texture transparency and immortal bug’. However, Fnatic rebelled, not abiding by the decision and they forfeited the third map of the quarter-final. LDLC advanced to the semi-finale and later, went on to win the major.

apEx Fights quad-AWPs

It was the grand-finale of ESL One: Cologne 2015 between EnVyUs and Fnatic. The first map went into overtime and fnatic secured initial two rounds on T-side. They had abundant money in the final round of first half. They went ahead and bought four AWPs to peek mid.

On the contrary, Dan “apEX” Madesclaire peeked mid through the double doors and he witnessed quad-AWPs looking to knock him down. This early advantage helped fnatic secure third round in the first half. Swedes did not let EnVyUs get back as they convincingly secured the first map. The second map was quite a straightforward affair, Fnatic won the major.

Jumping Double from Cold

“What is this going on?”
“How does he do this?”
“Unthinkable scenes there on the B-apartments”
“Ridiculous stuff!”

Talking about best plays then how can one forget about a two-time best Counter-Strike player on the planet? Yeah, that’s Marcelo “coldzera” David! Luminosity Gaming (today’s core of MIBR) were 9-15 down on mirage in the semi-finale of MLG Columbus 2016.

Luminosity Gaming (LG) were eventually is a disadvantage situation when terrorists aggressed towards the B-site. Marcelo easily took down the initial terrorist with his AWP over at van. He jump-peeked and killed two enemies in one shot that too mid air and history was being written then.

Marcelo’s quad kill over at B-apartments boosted his team’s morale and they initially tied the game at 15-15 and secured the map in overtime; winning ten rounds in a row. The Brazilian star has a tattoo of this graffiti on his right hand beside it being immortalized on mirage. LG won the major and Marcelo grabbed the MVP award.

Scope-less AWP

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev these days is a go-to man for Natus Vincere, but, in 2016, he was exploring options in North-America since most of the CIS teams maintained distance with then prodigy.

Oleksandr was fragging hard during those days as well but the chemistry within the team was not always good. At the semi-finale of ESL One: Cologne 2016 between Team Liquid and fnatic, Oleksandr made this huge play in the fourteenth round.

He clutched the round 1vs2 after hitting consecutive no-scopes with the AWP, while the first being mid-air shot. The graffiti is immortalized not just on the B-site of the cache by the creator of map, FMPONE but the CIS star has commemorated it on his hand similar to the Brazilian counterpart.

Via Adamo (Adam’s Road)

As the new inferno was unveiled by Valve in October 2016, the developers went a step ahead and added “Via Adamo” at a wall on banana. Via means street in Italian and Adamo refers to friberg’s first name.

Adam “friberg” Friberg during his prime days had made several outstanding plays at multiple instances on old inferno. Valve paid tribute to all his huge plays through this road sign.

200 IQ Grenade

This graffiti/poster dates back to PGL Krakow 2017 major finale between Gambit Esports and Immortals. In eleventh round of the third map, Immortals successfully plated the bomb down and three terrorists were alive safeguarding the bomb against Mihail “Dosia” Stolyarov.

Mihail smartly saved his gun and took down a couple of terrorists who took safe haven over at pits. The perfectly timed stealth grenade helped keep Immortals economy in check and the CIS lineup went on to win the major.

Wolf: Furlan & GruBy

At the showmatch of Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2019, the winner of the showmatch was to be awarded with a Wolf graffiti over at black site map. Damian “Furlan” Kisłowski and Dominik “GruBy” Świderski represented AGO Esports and convincingly bagged the top position and a graffiti of their own.

Can our readers make a guess who will make a graffiti-play at the upcoming StarLadder Berlin major? ZyWoo? EliGE? woxic? LUCAS1?

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