The International 2019 is being held in Shanghai, China from August 15th-25th, 2019.

The International 2019 witnessed the 3rd day of its group stages today.

After day 2, the standings were:

Day 3 was very crucial for many teams, as it would determine whether they would proceed to the playoffs in the lower bracket or upper bracket….for some, it would decide whether they would be playing in the main event at all.

Following was the schedule and caster information for day 3:

One of the first series of the day saw tournament favourites Team Secret take on dark horses TNC Predator. Everyone expected the game to be a fiery clash, and it didn’t disappoint. The series ended in a draw with both teams winning a game each. This was Team Secret’s first loss in the group’s stages at The International 2019.

One of the earliest games of the saw OG completely destroy Virtus.Pro , handing VP their 7th game loss in a row in the group stages.

Ana with his unusual IO carry pick destroyed his opponents again today

At the start of the day, Sumail needed 9 kills to reach the mark of 1000 kills at TI.

He achieved this feat in the first series of the day for EG.

Shortly later, Maybe (Somnus) from PSG.LGD achieved the feat as well.

After losing, 7 games in a row, VP finally managed to beat Infamous 2-0, who were on a hot winning streak themselves.

After their games today, it has become impossible for Chaos Esports Club to make it to the main event with their record of 2 wins – 12 losses, effectively eliminating them from The International 2019.

With Matumbaman’s and Chaos’s elimination from TI, only 12 of the original 13 2 times hopeful’s remain now.

With their record of 13 wins – 1 loss, OG are guaranteed top seed of Group B, irrespective of tomorrow’s result. They will choose between 3rd and 4th place team of Group A, to be their opponents in the playoffs Round 1.

The last series of the day saw DPC Ranking Number 1 and 2 Team Secret and PSG.LGD take on each other in a best of 2 series. PSG.LGD outplayed Team Secret in both games to win the series 2-0, which was pretty anti-climatic as everyone expected a close series.

With that win, PSG.LGD has 12 wins – 2 losses record in the group stage, which guarantees them top seed of Group A. They will choose between 3rd and 4th place team of Group B, to be their opponents in the playoffs Round 1.

PSG.LGD, OG and Team Secret have already made their way to the Upper Bracket of the playoffs, while Chaos Esports exits the tournament in the last place.

The rest of the teams have their fates hanging in the balance. Tomorrow will be the last day of the group stages, tiebreakers will be played if necessary.

The points table at the moment:

Schedule for tomorrow:

Picture Credits: Liquipedia

For highlights or replays, one can visit the respective twitch channels and check out the past broadcasts.

All games are also uploaded to DOTA 2 official YouTube channel.

The action resumes tomorrow at 6:30 AM IST.

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