Valve on Saturday announced that its Battle Pass for The International 2019, to be held in Shanghai, has reached record numbers in 3 days which has caused the prize pool to reach a whopping $10 million.

This beats the previous record held by TI 18 by $2.2 million at the same time. On the first day alone, the prize pool reached $5 million, with each TI outperforming the previous one.

If the projections are to be believed, the prize pool is set to cross $30 million, which is $5 million more than the $25.5 million prize pool last year.

With this, TI 19 is set to be the biggest prize pool in esports history, beating its own record from last year, and solidifying itself as one of the biggest esport. TI 19 begins on the 15th of August, at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai.