The International 2019 prize pool has already reached $8 million

It was only yesterday that the long-awaited “The International” Battle Pass and compendium were released with a host of old and new features and cosmetics. As usual,25% of all proceeds from the battle pass are added to the prize pool of The International DOTA 2 tournament. Just like all recent years, the prize pool began at its usual 1.6 million $ put up by Valve Corporation.

Within an hour of its release, the prize pool had already crossed $2 million.

Just over 6 hours later, the dota community’s contributions pushed the prize pool past $4 million.

With around 8 hours left in the day, the prize pool inched past $6 million.

By the end of the day, the prize pool was touching $8 million.

Prize pool in previous years after 24 hours:

  • 2018: $5,669,282
  • 2017: $4,782,066
  • 2016: $4,204,753
  • 2015: $3,527,102
  • 2014: $2,682,056