Tencent to engage with Indian authorities to bring back PUBG Mobile

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Tencent is looking towards conducting a discussion on uplifting the ban imposed on its several apps, including PUBG Mobile. The news was confirmed verbally by many known personalities in PUBG Mobile Esports industry and on the PUBG Mobile official discord as well.

PUBG Mobile was banned alongside 117 other apps that threatened the user privacy and national security. The official press release reads, “The apps are blocked as prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, Defense of India and security of state and public order.”

The PUBG Mobile official discord channel was spammed by many players who were asking on what the officials will do regarding this imposed ban. Responding to this, an admin confirmed that there are discussions ongoing and the team is trying to find a solution on this. The admin also requested people to remain patient during this process.

Apart from that, many professional players and famous personalities in the industry conveyed the same message that the officials are trying their best to bring the game back and until then, the players should remain calm and wait for an official statement.

Banning PUBG Mobile had many adverse effects on the esports industry in India and most of the people working in this title are presumably becoming unemployed in due time. Lifting ban is necessary for esports and allied fields to thrive as before.

PUBG Mobile has already upgraded their privacy policy which states that all the user data is stored locally and the ban is stated for datamining hence there is a big possibility of the game getting unbanned after doing some minute changes. If that is not possible, there is another way to bring back this game by launching an entire India operated version which is unique and entirely based in India. A similar counterpart by the name of “Game for Peace” is already active in China and hence achieving the same feat in India can be possible.

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