Team Secret robbed of their gears after winning Shangai Majors

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With the much ‘no one saw this coming’ experience faced by the attendees at Shangai Majors this year, Team Secret the winners of Shangai Majors held in China were reportedly robbed of their laptops and other valuables soon after the majors ended as posted by them on Instagram.

The Shangai Majors which saw a breathtaking run for a week or so was smoothly covered around and the execution led the community persuasive to appreciate the efforts Valve and the organizing team put in to make this one of the biggest and successful majors for DotA II this year. Shangai Majors was previously even roped up in the controversy after Valve’s chairperson Gabe Newell instantly fired the production house responsible for the broadcast.

The victims however are not Team Secret solely, a tweet following by the official handle @TeamSecret revealed that almost every participating team had their stuffs stolen, lost or packed away somewhere not belonging to their residence and the staffs reconcile it as ‘clean up’ of the practice area.

Formerly a tweet by Swindle’s official handle also warned that the gears might as well get stolen because of lack of security and locking at the practice area, which was most probably of all went unnoticed.

“This is what all the teams have woken up to this morning. These are the practice rooms. What remains is hopefully all our gear, we had laptops in this room and a ton of other personal stuff. No heads up about this was given to the teams.” – TeamSecret¬†on Instagram.

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