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Team IDL disqualified from PMCO Pakistan in Semi-finals stage due to cheating

PUBG Mobile Esports officials has disqualified Team I Don’t Lose(IDL) from the semifinals stage of PUBG Mobile Clup Open:Pakistan. The tournament was postponed for third time recently to check the suspicious players.

PMCO:Pakistan is going through very rough patch with hackers emerging in various stages of this tournament. The alleged hackers are now confirmed to be present in the top 24 teams in the country.

Immediate actions are taken agai such offenders and Team IDL is disqualified from this tournament with all the players receiving ban for violating the rules by using cheats.

PUBG Mobile Club Open for South Asian region has been a disaster so far. The total tally of disqualified teams has reached upto 20, out of which 11 are from India and rest of them are from Pakistan, including this newly banned team IDL.

If we consider that all the players belonging to the disqualified teams are banned, the total number is approximately equal to 80 players and more. All of these players are banned for using cheats into group stages of regional championship.

Divyesh Moghe
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