Streamer receives huge donation to help meet his biological father

A Twitch streamer who goes by the name ‘asduvvy21’ received a whopping sum of $5000 in donation from a single user to help him meet his biological father in Philippines.

Donation has been an interesting part of streaming services ever since it started. Renowned streamers like Ninja, Shroud and Doctor Dr Disrespect might receive an absurd amount of money from their fans but it becomes whole another story when any lesser-known streamer sees the same fate.

asduvvy21 has been saving money to go and meet his biological father in Philippines. The streamer was hosting his Killer Instinct podcast when suddenly a viewer who goes by the name Fatty_Melon came through to greet the streamer. Little did asduvvy know that the serial donator came in with a much bigger surprise. When the pop-up of a $5000 dollar donation came in, asduvvy could’t digest such amazing news as if it was too good to be true. He dashed out of his room in joy dropping his headphones in the process. Fatty_Melon’s donation completed his target of $6000 having already collected around $1000 in the past.

“My birthday is in February, and I’d really love to go out there for a couple of weeks right around then. I still have to grab my passport, I just got the pictures for that, and now gotta figure out the details. I can’t breathe.”


Asduvvy21 later thanked the donator on Twitter and expressed his gratitude over on his stream as well. He will be on his way to meet his father in Philippines around February next year.

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