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Source 2 Coming to CSGO on May 18: Reports On Chinese Site Weibo Suggest

CSGO fans have been asking for this for a long time now, and it looks like Valve is about to deliver.

The recent leaks for the Source codes for CSGO dates 2017/18 probably had an impact, as the Chinese site Weibo has suggested that Source 2 for CSGO might be coming in just under 3 weeks.

The post on weibo which was originally posted in Chinese might suggest the following things as mentioned by u/oOMeowthOo on Reddit. He suggests that Source 2 is coming on May 18th. Although it isn’t clearly mentioned in which year but is more than likely to be in 2020. He also mentions the B5 weibo blog to be the “Official CSGO Battle platform”.

This also goes in accordance with the recent rumours that have been implying the release of the new engine in the upcoming months.

On the other hand, tweets have also begun surfacing claiming that Steam will be made available for China soon. Based on the sudden turn of events there’s a possibility that the dates for Source 2 release and the official Steam release for China might coincide.

A tweet by 2eggs also claimed that the Steam release might be live within “a few weeks” and another one included evidence that hinted towards it.


Regardless of the next turn of events, either a Source 2 release or the Steam release in China is bound to bring an influx of new players to the game, and can potentially start a new era for CSGO (and other Steam titles) in the world of esports.

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