SkyEsports has been reaching new heights continuously with each subsequent championship. Started with SkyEsports Championship earlier this year, they move into the second edition of the tournament IP with a large success.

Valorant Sky Showdown, which is sponsored by WD Black, HyperX, Flipkart, GoodGamer, Monster energy and zoink, commenced the start of SkyEsports Championship 2.0 has soared in sky with success by breaking records time and time again. Previously, the tournament reached a landmark of 20,000 concurrent viewers for a PC game. This time, the tournament managed to reach new heights as a Valorant Tournament in India has crossed one million views for the first time.

The views accumulated over the course of three-day tournament has set new heights for the Valorant esports scene in India. Not only such a number kickstarts the journey of SkyEsports Championship 2.0, but also it indicates a positive rise in popularity of Valorant in India.

The numbers don’t just stop at views as the total watched minutes also crossed 4.5 million mark over all the broadcasts. The tournament had Loco as broadcast partner where the it was streamed in five different languages alongside two YouTube streams. The multilingual broadcast also helped reach the untapped audience, more focused in the southern region.

The popularity of Valorant Sky Showdown does not cease only to the broadcasts, the tournament was quite popular on social media. Attracting millions, the interactions on social media handle were reported to have a drastic increase during the tournament. The bag of achievements does not close here, Valorant Sky Showdown was trending locally on fifth spot on Twitter.

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