Cloud9 have announced that Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham would be taking a break from the competitive scene as soon as his replacement is announced.

The 25-year-old was the last remaining player from the 2015 Cloud9 roster that was the face of NA CS at the time, as well as the only constant in all the iterations of the organization since, except a 2-week absence in 2018 when Stewie2K joined SK Gaming.

He was quoted by the Cloud9 website saying

I am taking a break from competitive CS:GO, I would like to thank the fans and Cloud9 for their support these past years and I wish the CS:GO team the best of luck.

Skadoodle was one of the most highly rated awpers in 2015, with a rating of 1.13. While he continued to be one of the best in NA and in the world, the constant roster changes, along with his marked inconsistencies, often overshadowed his impact within the team itself. He finally tasted some success under teenage talent Jake “Stewie2K” Yip, by winning the ESL Pro League Season 4 against favorites SK gaming. A year later, he finally won a Major in his 9th attempt, and the first for a North American team.

C9 Owner Jack Etienne, said in a statement:

I could talk about what Skadoodle has meant to Cloud9 for years and it still wouldn’t be enough. He is the embodiment of North American Counterstrike and his break is beyond well-deserved. We’re grateful to have him in the Cloud9 family and look forward to whatever comes next.

As of now, no immediate plans have been announced about the duration of the break, whether his stepping down would be permanent or if he would actively be looking for a spot in another team. He will be playing with Cloud9 on an interim basis till his replacement is announced.

Picture by HLTV