SK.FalleN can now be a reality, trouble for Luminosity

SK FalleN

A Brazilian eSports portal, TeamPlay reported that soon Luminosity players will be moving to SK following their agreement proceedings which came out last month which loaded controversies. It also reports the involvement of Valve in persuading the players to move to SK or they’ll be banned from participating at Valve-sponsored events. It has not been confirmed yet though.

TeamPlay screenshot

Apparently according to the tweet from TeamPlay, Valve played a big role in converting the LG players into SK after they signed the contract and knocking up the legality once again by giving an example that agreements aren’t a bunch of papers.

LG SK turns and changes of town! Scores;)

The portal which also is known to have potential links with Luminosity players tweeted: “Soon LG players will be SK” and in another round of tweets it said: “Rumors says that Valve told LG that since they signed the contract they have to play for SK or they are banned from valve sponsored events.” 

It is, however, not astonishing if the players start playing under SK because of the due controversy in place after FalleN and SK fallout. The majority of community members and influencers were in support of SK over FalleN when it was proven that FalleN and co. had eventually signed the agreement and later denied to play the duties because of their “unsure mood”. Apparently, FalleN’s “mood swung” and he was quite emotional and sentimental when it came to leaving Luminosity so in terms he chose to stay back and defy the laws of the law.

It will also be interesting to see if this so happens, how FalleN will regime in the shoes of SK since he accused the SK organizer of trapping him under legal laws intentionally.