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iQOO SouL Manager Sid is Stepping Down, Reveals Thug

In a shocking turn of events, S8UL Esports co-owner Animesh “Thug” Agarwal  recently revealed that iQOO SouL’s manager Siddhant “Sid” Joshi will be stepping down from his role to focus on content creation. Moving forward, Sid will be focusing on his career in content creation. This decision marks the end of an era for Sid, who has been a key figure in Indian esports for over a decade.

Sid to Step Down from the Role of Manager of iQOO SouL

In a recent livestream, Thug stated that Sid is stepping down from his managerial role in iQOO SouL due to his personal responsibilities.  “I need to give you guys an update. I think Sid has discussed this with you. He is focusing on his channel, which I think is great. He has given 10-12 years to esports and has had a very successful run. But he has responsibilities now, he also has family responsibilities as he is growing. So he might want to focus on things that establish him better, financially gives him a more stable career,” Thug revealed.

Thug revealed that S8UL Esports respects his decision to step down from the role and affirmed that they have relieved him of his iQOO SouL responsibilities. “At S8UL, we completely respect his decision and somewhat freed him from the responsibilities of iQOO SouL. He has been great in what he has done. He will always be there. I am loving Sid as a content creator, and I believe that if that’s his choice because of his circumstances and responsibilities, then we should respect it,” he stated.

Surprisingly, Thug revealed that Sid won’t be attending Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGIS) 2024 Grand Finals, which will be taking place in Hyderabad, India. Sid has been supporting and managing the team from the back end since the organization signed it in January 2024. Sid not being there with the team during one of the biggest BGMI tournaments has come as a shocker to the fans.

Sid’s Esports Journey

Sid began his journey as a professional League of Legends player before transitioning to management. His managerial career included overseeing prominent teams like Entity and later TSM Entity, where he led them to numerous victories in domestic tournaments and on the global stage. His tenure with TSM Entity, in particular, marked a significant chapter with multiple triumphs that brought him to prominence. Finally, Team SouL signed him in August 2021 after TSM Entity was disbanded.

S8UL Signs Sid as iQOO SouL Manager

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