Sid announces content creation goal for 2023

One of the most prominent Esports personalities in India, Siddhant Joshi aka Sid has announced his plans for 2023. Upon commencing the role of a manager for one of India’s esteemed esports organisations S8UL, Sid turned into a full-fledged content creator with a legion of fans while attending to responsibilities towards his organisation.

In his latest video, Sid revealed his brand-new gaming setup to his fans while going over his plans surrounding content creation for the year 2023. While he has tons of interesting content planned, the primary ones being GTA V, Omegle and he also mentioned a podcast that he is looking to start.

“The things I want to do this year are Omegle, I want to start my own podcast, I want to do RP (roleplay) also, and I want to do gaming streaming also but mostly on Loco or in the afternoon on YouTube. That’s the plan,” he said.

Sid, without any doubt, has been of the biggest names in the Indian gaming space, after going through a rollercoaster of a year, with the BGMI ban, change of orgs and a plethora of things, he finally found his footing with S8UL and is excelling with the organisation.

“Be excited for the upcoming video of S8UL because it is going to be an insane video. I think it is going to be one of the best videos until now. I hope you enjoy it; I am also a part of the video,” he added, teasing a new S8UL video for 2023 which reminds us, besides all the gaming content, Sid might bring back the IRL vlogs as well which has been a driving force for his YouTube channel in the past.

With over 445K subscribers on YouTube, his fans are longing for him to quickly produce new content coming into the new year. With millions of avid followers, Sid now has everything to get back to the apex of the Indian gaming scene.

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