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GTA VI might release sooner than expected

A recent leak by a Rockstar insider suggests that the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI will release sooner than what fans expected to date.

A major leak months ago provided sufficient evidence that Rockstar is developing the game will full force but it was far from complete so fans assumed that they have to wait till 2024 to get their hands on a teaser/trailer. However, a leak has surfaced by a popular insider Tez2 that suggests a trailer or a demo might come to light before 2024.

According to him, he found multiple files named “bankrelease,” “debug,” and “beta” builds and they point towards the obvious. These files indicate that Rockstar is done with most parts besides the final touchups and polishing.


To add fuel to the fire, PlayStation China has followed a freshly made account of Rockstar China which indicates that they have a big announcement coming up for the said region and there is a good chance that it is might be related to Grand Theft Auto VI.

Confirmed or not, Grand Theft Auto VI will be one of the biggest announcements in gaming history and will definitely send shockwaves and it will come as no surprise if they shatter all the records in terms of player numbers and opening day sales.

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