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Esports Betting vs Online Casinos: Differences and Similarities

People enjoy different types of gambling for various reasons, from earning extra cash to having fun. Nowadays, thanks to technological advances, players bet on esports and play games in online casinos. Overlaps between these exist, but both markets have grown individually over the years.

These internet gambling forms are incredibly popular. Moreover, they have similar sides, but differentiations exist as well. For both activities, you are investing money with a chance to win. While wagering on esports is possible only during special events, playing games in online casinos in Australia for real money is possible anytime. Here, we’ll discuss what’s similar and what differentiates between online betting on esports and playing real money casinos.

Making real money online

Both options allow players to win big money. But there’s a twist. Aussie players must be familiar with the subject to bet on various esports tournaments and events. Moreover, understanding betting odds on esports games is vital.

On the other hand, while playing games in the best online casinos for real money, knowledge and experience isn’t necessary. Pokies are games of luck, so skills aren’t required. Australian players are able to choose the best operators for real cash listed on AussieBestCasinos, and start playing. Real money online casinos offer a variety of games, from pokies to table games, including Roulette and Blackjack. All these casino video games provide multiple chances to win. Yet, having a skill isn’t a requirement. For esports, predicting a possible outcome and being a successful bettor require knowledge.

Experience of best payouts

When gambling for real money, players want to experience the best payouts. When wagering on esports, the odds vary slightly from one site to another. That difference is more obvious for online casinos.

Some games have a higher return to player percentage. The number shows how much money the casino pays back, and it’s shown in percentages. Nowadays, players have the opportunity to select many of sites with the best payouts where they’ll be playing online games. Slot machines are the best-paying option. The highest paying online pokies are Ninja Magic, Thunderstruck II, and Karaoke Party. Table games such as Blackjack and Roulette are on the higher-paying side too.

Online accessibility

As mentioned, betting on esports is possible only during events. For example, Australians watch scheduled tournaments on YouTube or Twitch and place bets. But Aussies can play any pokie or table game 24/7 in real money casinos. That’s a significant advantage of casino websites. Players access the game library from various devices at any place, at any time. Placing a bet and predicting an outcome in esports is possible only when an event is on.

Selection of Video Games

The selection of games differs at the markets. The world of esports is about competitive and organized gaming. In that world, some of the highest-paid eSports games are Dota 2, League of Legends, FIFA, Arena of Alor, etc. In any online casino, Australians are offered slots, poker, and other games to play. Learning details about any video game requires a lot of time and effort. Rules of slots and other games are much more straightforward. 

Betting odds’ nature

When comparing esports and casino sites, another difference pops up. That’s the odd’s nature. In the esports world, everything revolves around skill. With it, predicting the outcome becomes a manageable task. But, when playing slots, it all comes down to chance. So, the difference in odd’s nature between them is noticeable.


When speaking about the popularity of the two markets, online casinos are more popular. The market is established. It has been present for years. The selection of games is constantly increasing, and casinos offer fantastic bonuses and promo deals that attract more new players. But, the eSports’ popularity is increasing as well. It’s all about gaming in an environment that’s highly competitive. One thing is sure – the esports wagering industry is growing. It’s safe to say it’ll be very popular in years to come.

Final Word

The two most popular gambling options allow bettors to win real money, and the sums are impressive. Playing games or wagering on tournaments are available online from desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. Still, the different things at the markets are evident. Those are the selection of games, the wagering odd’s nature, and the online accessibility. However, these worlds have one thing in common – both have their faithful fan base. In addition, both offer endless thrill and enjoyment.

David Wojnicki
David Wojnicki
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