Scout says BGMI needs global matchmaking

Sc0ut said that BGMI should have a global matchmaking system to compete with rest of the world.

Sc0ut from Team XSpark recently stated that India should have a global matchmaking system through BGMI so as to compete against the global teams. The famous BGMI pro recently played a global event after a long span of two years and felt the gap between local and global competition.

Scout recently represented 7Sea Esports at an international PUBG Mobile and according to his experience, BGMI must have a global matchmaking queue to catch up with the rest. His exact statement is as follows:

“Unless we get global matchmaking back, we won’t be able to compete against global teams out there”

The community was already expecting some gap between the performance of Indian teams at such huge events and their local performance because none of the top teams had faced any global team since PMWL Season 0.

The meta of PUBG Mobile Esports has shifted a lot and new teams have emerged to dominate the competition. It was once a known fact that Chinese region was the most dominating one but as the rest of the world has caught up, SEA is the new region to look out.

Teams like Stalwart Esports have been hurling the flag for South Asian region and while India is included in the same region, it has its own qualification system because BGMI is not aligned with PUBG Mobile in any way.

The gap between India and rest of the world was apparently visible for pros themselves and Sc0ut thinks that having global matchmaking system in BGMI as well might help to bridge the gap.

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