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S8UL Thug expresses to never recruit a Valorant Team for VCT Ascension

Recently, S8UL owner Animesh “8Bit Thug” Agarwal crushed supporters’ hopes that an organization’s Valorant roster will compete in the VCT Ascensions.

This announcement comes as the esports community gets ready for the 2023 revamped Valorant Champions Tour.

It was thought by supporters that India’s premier esports team would be participating in the VCT next season. On the other hand, S8UL Thug has just shot down any hope of the organization participating in the Ascension events by stating that they don’t play Valorant on stream.

“‘Promise to fans you will hire a Valorant roster in 2023.’ Absolute promise to fans, I am never hiring a Valorant roster.”

It doesn’t make sense for them to get a squad for Riot’s Tactical Shooter, he continued, and he would explain the rationale behind the choice at some point in the future.

Regarding the VCT Ascension, the event will feature 30 teams from three separate regions. To join the Valorant Ascension League, other players from these areas will compete in regional tournaments.

The Challengers league, which will be split in two for the first time, will be the starting place for these clubs. The regular season for each of the 21 Challengers leagues will be divided into two splits, each of which will last for several weeks.

Only the top teams from Challengers will move on to Ascension.

In Challengers Ascension, you’ll travel around the globe to several regions: the Americas, Europe, and the Pacific. When the Challengers Ascension tournament is over, one team from each of those regions will be selected to represent that country in the international league.

In 2020, when Team SouL and 8Bit merged, it became the dominant force in Indian esports. This group is well-known for its professional participation in a number of different forms of esports, but mainly BGMI.

One of the org’s owners, Thug, has been streaming Riot’s tactical shooter for a while. S8ul’s potential participation in the next VCT Ascension has been the subject of recent fan inquiries. However, the streamer scoffed at the idea, claiming that it would be silly for the club to acquire a Valorant roster.

Riot Games’ introduction of the VCT framework and the Ascension League completely revamped the Valorant competitive landscape.

It will still follow its traditional format, but the company’s new franchise system will change which clubs can participate in the tournament as of the year 2023.

Despite fans’ calls for him to form a team with BADLove and Whimp, Thug remained hesitant, explaining:

“Guys, they are great players. But like I said, it makes less sense for us…”

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