S1mple Suggests Map Changes To The CSGO Competitive Pool


A recent CSGO update saw Valve removing Dust 2 from the competitive map pool of the shooter while Anubis was added in its place. In an interview with Blix, professional CSGO player and legendary AWPer Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev has revealed his thoughts on this change, while also discussing which maps he would remove from or add to the current map pool of the game.

S1mple mentioned that he doesn’t have a problem with Valve adding Anubis to the official map pool, but he isn’t very happy with the removal of Dust 2, a map that is often considered to be the face of the Counter-Strike series.

Furthermore, the 25-year-old claimed that if he was the CEO of Valve, he would remove a few maps from the pool while adding some others.

“I would remove Ancient, add Train,” s1mple said in the interview. “I would remove Anubis, add Tuscan. I would remove Vertigo, add Anubis. And I would upgrade and do a lot of updates on Anubis and Tuscan. I wouldn’t change anything on Train at all because it was perfect.”

Even though s1mple chooses to remove Ancient from the competitive pool, NAVI’s stats on the map are decent, to say the least. According to HLTV, the org boasts a 69.2% winrate on Ancient.

While s1mple wishes to add Tuscan and Train to the map pool, it’s unlikely to happen any time before the upcoming BLAST Paris Major which is scheduled for May 2021.

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