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Rogue Company 1.39 Patch Notes – All The Fixins

A new patch for Rogue Company has just been shipped.

A new patch for Rogue Company has just been shipped, and it looks like the developers have worked on a number of fixes for the tactical battle royale.

Rogue Company patch 1.39 primarily focuses on fixing the matchmaking of the game. The official Rogue Company Twitter handle has claimed that “most matchmaking issues have been resolved.”

Rogue Company 1.39 Patch Notes –

Quality of Life

  • Added a Telemetry setting that allows players to see their FPS information.
  • 3D audio which works with stereo headphones can now be toggled on and off in the settings.
  • Made improvements to lighting during the Rogue selection.
  • Skins, wraps, and emotes are now sorted by rarity on the Customization screen.
  • Surrender Feature Changes
    • Removed the surrender wait time in Custom matches. Now it can be called at any time.
    • Reduced the time needed to trigger a surrender after a player leaves from 3 minutes to 2.
    • Reduced the default surrender time (can be called when the team is full) to 4 minutes.


  • PlayStation 4 will now save the last mode played instead of defaulting to Demolition.
  • Fixed an exploit with Aim Assist via Deadzone settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the “money” effects from Heist Dima could persist when favoriting a new Rogue in the main menu.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players that have completed the tutorial to get the login pop-up again.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to throw melee weapons infinitely.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the News panel to appear every time the user logs in.
  • Fixed an issue where killing your Rogue with C4 in the Shooting Range caused a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where the bomb could be planted on top of an APS.
  • Corrected spacing in the surrender text strings (Surrender: Yes, Surrender, Surrender: You Voted Yes).
  • Corrected a UI issue that would sometimes block the purchase screen after a purchase and not allow the user to return to the main menu.
  • Fixed several issues causing crashes.
  • Addressed an issue where players could not shoot through barbwire
  • Fixed an issue which would prompt players to replay the Tutorial
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent Rogue Buck packs and other store content from loading
  • Fixed a crash which could happen to players on while joining a match and on the post match summary screen
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent players from opening the scoreboard and selecting a player to Report or Mute
  • Fixed an issue which allowed certain controller settings to provide unintended levels of aim assist
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