gordon hall rockstar leeds

Gordon Hall, the founder of Möbius Entertainment Game Studio, now known as Rockstar Leeds, has passed away at 51. 

The news of his passing came from a report by GameIndustry, according to which various figures in the Yorkshire development scene were discussing the news of his passing. Rockstar Leeds is largely based in Yorkshire.

Hall started his journey by producing various Gameboy and Gameboy Advance titles under Mobius Entertainment. After his work on the 2003 Gameboy Advance version of Max Payne, Rockstar acquired Mobius entertainment and rebranded it as Rockstar Leeds in 2004. Halls became the Studio president of the new studio and was known as Rockstar’s handheld specialist. 

Under Hall’s leadership, the studio worked on porting various Rockstar games and helped in the development of titles like Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and GTA: Chinatown Wars. Halls later moved to Rockstar San Diego in 2009, where he contributed to the development of Red Dead Redemption.

In 2011, Gordon Hall resigned from Rockstar and in 2013 joined Activision Blizzard Mobile as the chief creative officer. During his 2-year sabbatical, Hall worked on a research paper on player psychology and micro-transactions strategies. 

No cause of death was released at the time of writing. We will update this article as soon as more information is available. 

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