Amid COVID-19 pandemic, people around the world are maintaining social distancing and staying in quarantine. However, these rules & regulations do not apply in games like Grand Theft Auto series. 

Rockstar is offering tons of free in-game cash to GTA online players like they did in the month of April (up to $500,000). All you need to do is login into the game and play. The money will directly come to your Maze Bank account (not immediately, but you will have to wait for atleast 7 days since the first time you logged in) for the transaction.

If you protect your account with the two-set authentication, Rockstar is giving away another $500,000 to these players. All you need to do is visit Rockstar Social club, this will not only safeguard your Rockstar account from hackers but can also help you earn some in-game cash with ease. That’s it!