rite2ace only Indian in second Valorant APAC top 100 leaderboard list

Tejas 'Ace' Sawant becomes the latest Indian pro to be named in the Valorant APAC leaderboard, coming in at 73 on the latest top 100 rankings.

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The second iteration of the official Valorant leaderboard for the APAC region is out and there are some interesting names featuring at the top100. How many Indian players in the list? Who is the best Valorant pro player of India? Let’s dig into it.

Jason ‘f0rsaken’ Susanto is 6th on the list. The 16-year-old is the brother of former TYLOO star Kevin ‘xccurate’ Susanto and currently plies his trade for Paper Rex in CSGO.

Another popular CSGO star that makes it to the top 100, at 28, is Ngo ‘crazyguy’ Anh Ngo, who spent a brief spell playing for Signify. The Vietnamese sniper-extraordinaire is now a retired csgo professional and is currently a part of Steal Your Glory’s Valorant roster.

India had just one representative in the first leaderboard for the APAC region and while the number has remained the same, Mohit ‘mw1’ Wakle is not the flagbearer anymore in the rankings.

It is Indian Valorant pro Tejas ‘Rite2Ace’ Sawant who enters the leaderboard. Rite2Ace is the best Radiant ranked Valorant player in India. He is ranked the 73rd on the list and hence, becomes the highest-ranked Indian on the Valorant APAC leaderboards, with mw1 coming in at 78 on the last list.

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