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Rise of Esports in India – 36 lakhs and 72 hours

Electronic sports or esports is a way of life or rather a different terminology to express your love for digital gaming. The rise of esports all across the world, and especially in India in recent times has been exponential. The gamers in India are perceptible, and with passing years the numbers are getting multiplied.

It is not imaginary to predict that digital gaming indeed will be an affair of billions of rupees in India. The rise has been subsequent, and with event organizers turning in large numbers, the scenario looks coherent.

The esports industry in India will witness breathtaking rounds of money been exchanged – no I am not referring to the 500-1000 notes – in large numbers. Around ₹ 29,00,000 is on the tables at two different places for the gamers to claim. And no, this is just the figure in India.

Indian teams, Aggressive5 and Entity Esports – Gold are right now in Malaysia battling for a huge sum of $200,000 USD which is another ₹ 1,33,00,000 (appx) adding to the prize pool. Let me brief you a little about the events which are happening in the next 72 hours.

Indian Esports Championship – Ground Zero


The IeSC’s main LAN event Ground Zero kicks off from 10th November at Phoenix Marketcity Kurla featuring a ₹ 20,00,000 INR prize money for CSGO, DOTA 2 and Cosplay competitions.

The IeSC main event extends over till 12th November. The event allows free entry to the venue and affirmed solid experience watching India’s top teams perform live! If this wasn’t enough, the organizers have also organized an after-party for the attendees and teams which will feature Bollywood stars!

ESL Challenger Cup #2

Beyond Infinity, winners of ESL Challenger #1. Image courtesy: MaGGaming
Beyond Infinity, winners of ESL Challenger #1.
Image courtesy: MaGGaming

ESL India Premiership Challenger Cup 2: The Challenger Cup 2 is scheduled from 11th to 13th November in Bangalore. The event featuring a ₹ 9,00,000 INR (approx) prize pool shares the venue with Bangalore ComicCon which is indeed an additional reason to be delighted! The expo is of course for hardcore esports fans who follow both CS:GO and DotA 2. And this isn’t enough, we have some great content for the Cosplayers, the winner of the cosplay at the juncture will represent India at ESL One Genting 2017.

ASUS Rog Masters

Asus ROG

Asus ROG Masters kicks off from 10th November and runs until 13th November. The event, in a pretty similar fashion, is featuring DOTA 2 and CS: GO competition and a massive 200,000 USD prize pool. Team Entity Esports and Aggressive5 is participating in DotA 2 division. Entity Esports will face off with Team Fnatic on 10th November.

TalkEsport will be bringing you daily updates of these upcoming events so be sure to watch out this place for more information. As usual, we will be covering all the three events in separate threads. We covered ESL Challenger #1 for you, and the Challenger #2 details will be available here. The ASUS Rog Masters coverage will be available here. And IeSC coverage will be available directly on the News page.

Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha
Founding Editor, TalkEsport
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