Riot to Introduce New Client Featuring All Desktop Titles in One Hub

Whether you’re a casual Valorant player or an avid League of Legends enthusiast, this news is certain to bring a smile to Riot fans worldwide, as the company has announced a new client that will combine all the desktop titles by Riot into one hub.

Currently, players have to download separate clients for Riot Games titles and launch the games through their shortcuts or from the clients themselves. This could get quite complicated for fans of multiple Riot titles, as they had to exit and relaunch the Riot client every time they wanted to switch between two games.

The new and revamped Riot Games client will enable players to launch their favorite titles like League, Valorant or Legends of Runeterra from one application. However, downloading the new client is entirely optional and players can continue to play the titles from the old client or through the desktop shortcuts.

“With the new Riot Client, it’ll be easier for you to discover and access all of what we have to offer,” Riot confirmed in a blog post. “All desktop Riot games will be accessible from one client, with each game having its own dedicated product page with game-specific content including the latest news and events.”

The revamped Riot client will start rolling out from September 20, 2021. Following a few weeks of ensuring the stability of the new client, it will be rolled out globally starting October 4.