Riot Disables NVIDIA Filters in Valorant Following Game Breaking Flash Bug

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The highly anticipated Episode 3 of Riot’s tactical shooter has recently arrived to the title, and it has brought alongside it a plethora of new content that players are enjoying. However, some of these new changes are proving to be rather unpleasant for the Valorant community. 

After a game-breaking bug involving NVIDIA Freestyle filters was discovered after the Episode 3 release, Riot Games decided to temporarily disable the function till the issue was fixed. Till then, players will be unable to change the game’s appearance using external programs. 

For the unaware, NVIDIA users can use NVIDIA Freestyle to set various filters and change their game’s appearance settings including features like its contrast and brightness to customize the game’s visuals according to their will.

Problems began to arise when it was discovered that the HUD removal feature of NVIDIA could lead to the game-breaking bug where players would be completely unaffected by flashes in-game. 

Many players were beginning to use this as an anti-flash exploit when Riot decided to temporarily disable the software till the issue is solved. 

As of now, it’s still unclear when will NVIDIA users be able to use this feature again, or what steps will Riot take to tackle the bug.

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