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Respawn releases update 1.1 for Apex Legends and accidentally resets player progress


On Thursday, Respawn released update 1.1 for Apex Legends aimed to add some quality of life changes to game and minor bugs fixes. Unfortunately, the update rollout was met with an early bug report which was resetting player progression.

Respawn released a statement on twitter asking players to not craft and make purchases on the market till the bug is squashed. Later they pulled servers down for maintenance to keep the damage to minimum.

Respawn has since then fixed the bug and the update is live on all platforms. In a post later on Reddit, Respawn explained what caused this issue, saying “When the 1.1 update went live, players were unintentionally moved to the wrong servers that didn’t have their persistence and this caused players accounts to appear reset with all progression lost”. Since then the update is live and lost progression of players have been restored.

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With update 1.1 Respawn aimed to introduce quality of life changes to the game. Some of them are as follows :

Party with last squad

This update added the ability to party up with the last squad you played with. After the match you will see buttons in the lobby that display the last two people you played with and can invite them to your squad. You will also have an option to allow last squad to invite you or not.

Mute Button

Addition of a mute button on intro and legend selection screen.

More report options

Added additional option to choose from when reporting a player on Pc.

More information about crashes

Added additional information on crash report dialogue box explaining what caused the crash.

Jump pad changes

Octane’s Jump Pad no longer affects players when using Into the Void ability.

Stability fixes

This update made some fixes in code improving the overall stability of game on all platforms.

Cover photo courtesy of GAMEGUIDEHQ

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