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Remember PhantomL0rd? He just beat Twitch at a Chicago court


In 2016, CS:GO skins unboxing, gambling and rigged betting sites were on the surge. If you are among the ones who got hooked to one of those sites, you’ve probably come across the name “PhantomL0rd.”

James Varga, popularly known as “PhantomL0rd” owned the popular gambling site CSGOShuffle. He used to actively bet and gamble on the site, without publicly informing the audience of his involvement with the company. Which clearly reflected conflict of interest at all fronts.

The truth was unveiled in a special broadcast by senior investigative esports journalist Richard Lewis.

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“As such, content in which the broadcaster users or promotes services that violate Valve’s stated restrictions is prohibited on Twitch,” stated Twitch’s statement when it put an infinite ban on the streamer. The same year, Valve and other law authorities across the world were perpetuating the alleged online scams and transactions. One of where, a Denmark court convicted a scammer.

PhantomL0rd’s Law suit against Twitch for $35mn

Two years later, in the year 2018, James had sued Twitch over misinterpretation and falsely banning the streamer on a platform. The streamer accused the streaming platform of wrongfully prohibiting a user without giving logical explanation on the ban.

According to the law suit, the agreement between James & Twitch had a clause of written explanation in case of breach of contract, which never happened.

Today, Quinlan Law Firm, PhantomL0rd’s attorney firm have announced that the “Judge rules trial against twitch,” dismissing motion for summary judgement. Which means, the trial of this case will be set in March 2021, where Twitch will have to justify the ban on the streamer. Mr. James is claiming damages in millions because of his Twitch ban and probable “lost of wages due to wrongful termination of his channel.”

In 2019, the Judges panel had ruled in favor of Mr. James, affirming that he could claim upto $50K. Although a report by EsportsTalk labels the amount to be a giant $35 million.

The case-number 18-1564337 of Varga vs Twitch is being handled by Quilan & Associate Eric Schmitt at San Francisco court, in Chicago, United States.

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