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Microsoft Issuing Refunds for Canceled Redfall DLC: Reports

Redfall "Bite Back Edition" Refunds Rolling Out

According to some reports, Microsoft is refunding players who purchased Redfall’s “Bite Back Edition” after Arkane Austin’s shutdown on Xbox and Steam. The studio’s shutdown was part of a broader restructuring within the company, which also led to the cancellation of Redfall’s upcoming “Hero Pass” DLC.

Redfall, the action-adventure game developed by Arkane Austin, faced challenges after its release. Despite efforts to improve the game’s reputation, the cancellation of the Hero Pass DLC dealt a blow to fans who had invested in the premium Bite Back Edition.

Arkane Austin Redfall

Players who bought the Bite Back Edition are now receiving automatic refunds, with the amount set at $26.99. The refunds are rolling out in waves, so if you haven’t received an email yet, keep an eye on your inbox. While digital purchases are covered, Bethesda’s customer support is also assisting with refunds for physical copies.

Before closing its doors, Arkane Austin managed to release one last update for Redfall, introducing an offline mode. However, all future updates have been canceled. Fans can still enjoy the game, but the promised DLC content won’t materialize.

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