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Random Valorant Player Tracks Down VCT Observer to Return Stolen Account

VCT observer Nicholas “Yehty” Tesolin could end up bidding farewell to his precious Valorant account had it not been for a good samaritan who decided to go out of his way to return the stolen account to its rightful owner.

An unexpected email took Yehty by surprise on the morning of August 18th as a random Valorant player claimed that his account was stolen.

The player mentioned in the email that there’s a trend going on in Turkey where someone would steal the credentials of a Valorant account and put them up for sale at cheap prices. 

“Last week my friend bought a random account and it’s actually your account,” the player said in his email. He then proceeded to provide Yehty with the id and pass of the stolen account to prove that he was telling the truth. 

The Valorant player also repeatedly reassured Yehty that he didn’t mean any harm through the email and simply wanted to return his stolen account since he felt that “this is someone else’s account and it’s just not good.”

“I did some research on you and found out you are a Riot observer, right?” the email continued. “I just wanted to let you know I’m against this random account thing and I’m just informing you that your account has been stolen I guess. So just change your password and be careful please.”

Yehty has shared a screenshot of the email in a recent Tweet

“I just received one of the most unreal emails of my life” he said. “Someone tracked down who I was based off their friend someone buying access to my account that had been breached. He emailed me to let me know what was happening.”

He also thanked the good samaritan to whom he owed his Valorant account in a follow-up Tweet. “Big thank you to this guy, he’s a legend for taking the initiative to reach out,” the Tweet reads. 

While Yehty was lucky enough to get his account back, most players might end up losing their accounts permanently if they fall victim to scams like these. Fans are hoping for Riot to implement stricter measures on account security to prevent incidents like these from resurfacing in future. 

Sonu Banerjee
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