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Blast R6 Major Manchester 2024 Reports Higher Peak Viewership Than 2023 Major

BLAST R6 Major Manchester 2024 has reported a peak viewership of a staggering 162,094. This number surpasses BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen 2023’s peak viewership by 40000. Let’s take a look at the viewership numbers in detail.

BLAST R6 Major Manchester 2024 held in Manchester’s B.E.C Arena reported a peak viewership of 162,094 while average viewership of 65,632 also surpassed the average viewership number of the 2023 Major which stood at 44,642. Having said this, no other Major has ever reached the numbers of Rainbow Six Major Raleigh in 2019 where the peak viewership was a record 268,650.

This year’s Major followed an exceptionally successful Six Invitational Event held in February and reported a mind-boggling peak viewership of 521,349.

Coming back to the first Major of 2024, BLAST R6 Major Manchester 2024 Grand Finale saw the battle between the American underdogs, beastcoast, and their Swiss counterpart, Team BDS. In the end, the Americans took the title with a 3:2 score. Despite being the runner-ups, Team BDS shared the top step for highest watch hours with Team Liquid racking up 1.4 million hours watched. The second place was taken by beastcoast with 1.3 million hours watched.

Now let’s take a look at the peak viewership by the broadcaster language. English Language Broadcasts took the top step with a peak viewership of 122,022, while Portuguese and Japanese Language Broadcasts racked up a peak viewership of 50,535 and 12,568 respectively.

While the event is broadcast in different languages, the broadcasting channel is not limited to one platform. Twitch reported the highest peak viewership of 133,060. YouTube took the second step with a peak viewership of 31,698. TikTok reported a peak viewership of 4,249. SteamTV and CHZZK reported a peak viewership of 1,075 and 191 respectively.

With that being said, the next Major is scheduled for November 2024 set to be held in Montreal.

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