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How to Get Prestige Points in Multiversus?

Multiversus recently introduced Prestige Points, a new currency that is awarded once you unlock any cosmetic items in the game. As this currency was not a part of the Open Beta in 2023, it is still a mystery to some players. So let’s take a look at Prestige Points in Multiversus.

Multiversus characters like Rick, Morty, Batman, and Superman in various game modes

With Multiversus’ global release came new updates, items, and additions to the game. Prestige points are awarded to you based on the items and cosmetics you unlock for your beloved characters in the game. The amount of Prestige points awarded to you depends on the type and rarity of the item/cosmetic you unlock.

How to earn more Prestige points?

The fastest way to earn more Prestige points in Multiversus is by unlocking more items and cosmetics for your characters. All items and cosmetics in Multiversus have a rarity rating starting from ‘Common’ being the lowest and ‘Legendary’ being the highest. Unlocking more of the higher rated items and cosmetics will result in a bigger amount of Prestige points being awarded. Here is a list of all the rarity ratings in Multiversus:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

The other factor that can affect the amount of Prestige points is the type of item or cosmetics you are unlocking. For example, unlocking a character variant can award more Prestige points than unlocking a banner.

How to use the Prestige points

With the introduction of Prestige points, Multiversus has added the Prestige store in the game. Prestige store allows you to purchase Prestige items with Prestige points. The items in the Prestige store cannot be acquired in any other way.

At this moment, the Prestige store only features 7 items, but this list is expected to grow in size as time passes. Here is a list of all the items currently in the Prestige store:

  • The Batman Who Laughs Joker skin – 100,000 Prestige points.
  • Announcer Pack – The Batman Who Laughs – 25,000 Prestige points
  • Shazam! Ringout – 75,000 Prestige points
  • HAHAHAHAHA Banner – 11,500 Prestige points
  • Burnt Toast Emote – 9,000 Prestige points
  • Beach Bash Harley Quinn skin – 75,000 Prestige points
  • Mad Cause You’re Single Emote – 22, 500 Prestige Points

That is all about the Prestige Points in Multiversus. Hurry up and unlock as many items and cosmetics as you can to earn more Prestige points. Click here to learn more about all game modes in Multiversus.

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