Rainbow Six Siege Cheats Reportedly Installs Bitcoin Mining Malware in Cheaters’ PCs

Leaked messages indicate the presence of bitcoin-mining malware in a free Rainbow 6 cheat.

Recently leaked messages from a Discord server of a Rainbow 6 Siege cheat have revealed the presence of bitcoin miners inside the free R6 cheat.

The leaked Discord message that was shared to Twitter by the Anti-Cheat Police Department shows a bot confirming the presence of the miner inside the cheat.

“Your CPU will start Throttling around 11:00 pm EST,” the bot says in the message. “We apologize for that but we need to make money somehow.”

It then mentions that while their methods of making money might be “not legal, but it still pays.”

Photo: Anti Cheat Police Department

The message also claims that any attempts at deleting or uninstalling the cheat would be futile, since the developers have “installed several backdoors” for the bitcoin-mining malware to “travel through the BIOS.”

The bot further states that the PC resources for bitcoin mining would only be used during the idle time of the affected PC and that it wouldn’t affect gaming performance whatsoever.

The cheat developers were also thoughtful enough to leave their contact details at the end of the message for anyone willing to know more details regarding the software.

If the claims of this message turn out to be true, this will undoubtedly be a rather bizarre incident of bitcoin-mining we’ve come across in quite a while.