Queso, the Spanish Organisation, have parted ways with their lineup after the players were found to be guilty of losing a match on purpose in, a local tournament, Spanish LVP Superliga Orange.

In a game between Queso and the Tenerife Giants, Queso lost the game on purpose to avoid playing Giants in the playoffs of the tournament. The accused side made multiple erratic plays to throw away their advantage and lose the game 14-16 to the Tenerife Giants.

The tournament organizers caught onto this and contacted the Esports Integrity Coalition to generate links to betting and the result of the game. However, no link between the two variables was found, discarding the possibility of the same.

On further investigation of the game logs, players on Queso had admitted to having purposely altered the result of the game and “scarx<64>” was caught saying “DE CT HACEMOS THRO” which translates to “OF CT WE DO THRO” according to Google Translate, which can be understood as “We will throw on the CT side”

Due to their involvement in match-fixing, the players will be stripped for their playoff spot and receive a seven-match ban for their crime. Additionally, the organization has dropped its lineup as they had no involvement in the crime and do not promote such activities.

The released lineup consisted of:

  • Peter “shhhack” Belej
  • Michal “EMENK” Belej
  • Carlos “sc4rx” Sánchez
  • Pere “sausol” Solsona Saumell
  • Omar “arki” Chakkor


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