TSM Entity go crazy in game 1 with a total of 19 kills in PUBG Mobile Pro League SA

A major tire tournament is afoot and right in the first match of the first day of the first week, TSM Entity has bagged a chicken dinner with an unbelievable total of 19 kills.

The map being played was Erangel and Indian squad UMumba took an early exit at the 6-minute mark. The game progressed slow for the first 15 minutes but after that, TSM Entity kept bagging kills and was in no mood to stop. They also took down team Soul in the second last circle of the game handing them a 6th place finish. ZGod was named the match MVP as he decimated 7 other players and dealt total damage of 725.

This performance right in the opening game was unexpected and with this domination, TSM Entity has given reason to the rest of the teams to fear them. Basically this squad became the cause for the exit of almost 5 other teams out of the total 16 playing. If TSM Entity continues to play like this, within a week’s time they will position themself as unbeatable. They literally tried to pan the final remaining player of Jyanmarra and that states the kind of confidence they were playing with.

47 matches remain and PUBG Mobile Pro League SA is off to a mindblowing start.

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