These Are The Most Expensive Skins in CSGO Right Now

CS:GO and it’s aesthetics. Well defined.

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Valve’s Counter-Strike:Global Offensive is known for it’s most aesthetic market place along with the insane FPS mechanics. Over these years CS:GO has transitioned into a famous Esports Title with a plethora of events being organized every year with some whopping prize pools unlike in the early days when it hadn’t attracted a formidable player base. But with Valve revamping the game in 2013 with some weapon spray aesthetics, we did witness a turn in the events when the Arms Deals update was inculcated in the game. Since then, these weapon skins have caught everyone’s eye as players did found them to be visually appealing provided with the fact that these skins won’t be adding any extra muscle power to your weapon. After the community market was set up for CS:GO, players did found themselves to grab up some skins from the market or would sell their equipped skins to go for some different kinds.

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CS:GO has showered the community with many cases either dropped in matches or could be bought from the community market where each one of them would provide us with a unique skin from its the collection when opened. This doesn’t mean that every time you would get another one from the same but you could be hung upon a recurring chain. These skins are defined on the basis of their rarities where there are sorted into Eight different tiers. Among these tiers, the skin with the Consumer Grade tier would be the most common whereas the Contraband grade is the rarest among the hierarchy.

These skins would then be refined after their wear is determined, the specific variable for such kind of classification is known as the Float value. The lesser the Float Value, the better that specific skin would look and vice versa. So on a scale of 0.00x to 1.00 where the parameter 0.00x is considered as to be the lowest, it might be called as skin with negligible wear. But the ones with the value around 1.00 parameter, they might be called as the ones with the maximum amount of wear. If you take a look at the image attached below, one can easily determine the quality of the skin.

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Among these various skins and their classes, we also do have a collection of knives where one can replace their default knife in-game with one from these collections. The fact about these knives is they can’t be used for melee attacks unlike other titles but you can definitely deal damage if you’re flanking the opposite force or to gain a fast movement speed by taking it out in your hand for quick rotation.

The above image depicts the collection from the Chroma Case which is available in the community market.

You might want to explore some of the most Expensive Weapon Skins in the community among which some are the rarest and difficult to lay our hands-on.

AWPP Dragon Lore

AWP Dragon Lore, the most expensive weapon skin for the snipers across the globe. Since the launch of CS:GO, this has been a hot stock on the market and in the community as well. But after the removal of Cobblestone from the Active Duty Map Loadout, the chances of getting this skin through the Major souvenir drops were completely hammered where we saw a never-ending inclination in the price of the same. This skin currently holds a value of $19000 making it the most expensive gamble in the community.

AK-47 Fire Serpent

This weapon skin can be found in the Operation Bravo Case making you super lucky if you get this on opening the same. With a mesmerizing pattern of a serpent on the body, you can always enter the bid to get the StatTrak version of it for $1300.

M4A4 Howl

Proved to be another top-notch rifle skin up for grabs on the market, this has been the most iconic Contraband rifle in the Community since the start. With this skin, you might come out howling with those flashy Sprays.

AUG | Akihabara Accept

Found in the Rising sun collection, this might amaze you if you are a true Anime fan. Depicting a Japanese Slang ie “I did it”, it really might be a perfect fit for your loadout.

M9 Bayonet Marble Fade

With a price tag of $750 on the market, it comes with a mesmerizing pattern of three metallic colors on the blade which can really be a perfect flex for your loadout if you’re looking to inspect it in-game.

StatTrak Karambit Doppler Sapphire

You would need just $5,800 to showcase this in your loadout. After you purchase it to make sure you don’t stare at it only to get sniped by the opposition.

M9 Bayonet (Crimson Web)

If you’re a marvel fan, you might remember someone if you look at these cool webbings. You can always get hold of it by paying a hefty sum of $6000.

On 29/10/2019, Steam did culminate an update where the Case keys were barred from being traded for skins. This saw an instant rise in the skin prices on the community market.

So here we are, the best CS:GO skins to showcase your inventory out in the Public. But a gentle reminder to everyone, as said before, these skins won’t help you to aim with more precision. But your teammates and your opponents might admire you for the same.

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