Pubg Mobile’s annual esports calendar is filled with enthralling events but this year’s Star Challenge stood out owing to its unique format. 16 of the world’s top Pubg Mobile content creators joined forces with 16 handpicked pro teams to compete in the ultimate fight for stardom. After a series of gruesome matches, Team KENBOO emerged victoriously.

Since Team KENBOO clinched the top spot, they will be getting a major part of the $250,000 which were up for grabs. Over the course of 2 days, 8 matches were played in total where the winning team managed to put 216 points on the scoreboard with an impressive 68 kill count. Not far behind was D-team which collaborated with content creator Dita, putting up a score of 174 with 62 kills in their pocket. Third rank was secured by Team Godlike which played alongside popular Indian streamer, Kronten as they managed to get a total of 44 kills and 164 points to edge out team Bullshark by a difference of merely 2 points.

Popular Pubg Mobile emulator streamer, Dynamo paired up with team Hydra and finished on the number 12 spot with a total of 11 kills. The spot below them was taken by another popular Indian creator, Rawknee Gaming who collaborated with team Spark and got 10 kills at a mere total of 63 points. Gareebooo who is another famous Indian streamer, took the 16th spot with a total of 13 kills and 44 points.

This massive tournament, presented by Google Play was live streamed on youtube and the commentators for the English stream were Wolfy, ChuChu, Powerbang, and Dontra. The tournament was also live-streamed in Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Indonesian, Japanese, Hindi, and Chinese. Players were promised unique in-game rewards if they watch the stream live by connecting their PUBG Mobile account to YouTube.

Here are the final team standings :

positions 1-8
positions 9-16

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