Registrations Open for IGZ PUBG Champions Series Season 2

IGZ is set to host a PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Tournament for PC starting from 12th October 2019 with a prize pool of Rs 60000 for the taking. Organizers are setting up for a tournament in online format for which registrations begin today.

Registration starts today and the link will be open till 16th September. The organizers have set a limit of 64 to the no. of teams participating. The tournament will be a classing elimination match from its early stages. Matches will occur in three stages.

Qualifier Stage 1: 64 teams will be split into 4 lobbies, 16 each and will play 4 matches per lobby, top 8 from each lobby will make it to the next qualifier stage.

Qualifier Stage 2: 32 teams will be split into 2 lobbies, 16 each and will play 6 matches, 8 from each lobby will make it to the next stage.

Final Stage: Final 16 teams will play 12 matches for the Trophy.

Scoring system is explained in the rule book provided in the link below.

Qualification format will be 64 teams cut short into 32 further cut into 16 and finally the winner will be concluded. The action will be set out in classic Erangel and Miramar only.

Organizers have announced a Prize Pool of 60000 INR with additional individual rewards for the player gathering most kills and the MVP of the tournament. The registration link is provided below, make sure you register yourself before all the slots for this alluring event fill-up.

The tournament will be live-streamed on the IGZ YouTube Channel where viewers at home can keep in touch with all the action. Make sure you are the one doing the action, register ASAP.