PUBG Mobile India is approved by the Indian Govt: Godnixon

pubg mobile india

PUBG Mobile and its story in India have been stuck in a loop for the past few months. There have been many developments but none point towards an actual release date for the new PUBG Mobile India and no official information surrounding this new title is stated. GodNixon, a PUBG Mobile content creator has revealed that the game has been approved in India.

Luv “GodNixon” Sharma is a popular PUBG Mobile content creator famous for his innovative tips and tricks series and strong production quality. Nixon has released a short video on his YouTube channel where he explains that his sources have said that “PUBG Mobile has received a green signal by the Indian government.”

Nixon has also referred to Ghatak as a reliable source. Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare is a professional PUBG Mobile player representing Team SoloMid in India. Ghatak has posted a tweet in which he shares that the next two months are going to be very good for PUBG Mobile and TSM fans in India.

A Krafton representative recently revealed that the company is actively working with the Indian government to bring back the game in India and assured the fan base that the game might be unbanned in the country. Apart from this, Krafton has not made any special announcement yet.

Nixon has also stated that the release date for the launch of PUBG Mobile India is not revealed. The official announcement regarding the approval of PUBG Mobile India has been made by Krafton yet.

If this information is credible, PUBG Mobile fans can rest assured to enjoy a homebred version of PUBG Mobile in the next couple of months. The esports and content creation will also get a new start and it will be interesting to see if PUBG Mobile can reclaim its throne of being the best esports title in India or not.

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