There has been a lot of confusion lately surrounding the multiple tournaments and series going on simultaneously in every part of the world and this is due to the newly developed esports program by Tencent. In the previous years, a very simplistic approach was followed by having two split tournaments in a year but this time, things have been revamped.

Tencent developed a newer, better and bigger structure to conduct esports events throughout the year with a total prize pool of $5 million.

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There will be two splits, the Spring and the Fall and they will have their own Club Open tournaments which will feature open qualifiers followed by the group stage, the semi-finals and then the regional finals. Teams that perform the best and are able to reach top table positions will advance to either a Pro League for a wider region or their own respective regional finals depending on the size of the region. For example, the upcoming Pro League for South Asia will feature both, the top Indian Teams as well as the qualifying teams from South Asian Club Opens. In a similar way, the Pro League of Americas will compromise of the top PMCO teams, 5 from North America, top 3 from Latam and top 3 from Brazil joined by the invitees of PMCO 2019.

After the Pro League, the qualifying teams will move on to the Global Finals aka, The World League where basically, the top PUBG Mobile squads around the world who have grinded through this format will faceoff to compete for a share of the prize pool as well as the title of World Champions. This same format will be followed for the Spring as well as Fall Split.

Due to a large number of teams, Tencent divided the slots into East and West categories and here are the number of slots available as per each region:

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It has not been made clear yet whether there will be two separate World Leagues for the East and West or will it be conjoined with all 32 Teams competing in a singular event, the latter being the more sensible approach. Every new stage of the structure will see a complete refresh of the points table. It means that even the team which placed on the top in the region’s PMCO event might fail to qualify for the World League by falling in the PMPL stage.

This new format has received mixed reviews across social media with certain players appreciating the bigger magnitude of PUBG Mobile esports and certain ones pointing out the problem of biases for certain regions getting as low as a single slot in the World League.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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